Translation Quality Process

Professional Translation Standards

  1. DIN 2345: Translation Contracts (German Institute for Standardization) 1998

  2. The Quality Standard for Translation Companies (Quality Committee of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies) 1999

  3. GB/T 19363.1: Specification for Translation Service—Part 1: Translation (National Standard of China) 2003 & 2008

  4. EN-15038: European Quality Standard for Translation Services Providers (European Committee for Standardization) 2006

  5. F2575 (American Society for Testing and Materials) 2006

  6. ISO 17100: Requirements for Translation Services (International Organization for Standardization)

Language Specialist Translation Quality Model

Language Specialists Translation Quality Model

(Version 1: McLean, December 2014)

Multi-chapter Translation: Lesson Flow

Multi-chapter Translation: Quality Process

Tenets for Translation-team Interaction