Process Oriented Translator Training

Models/Definitions of Process-oriented Translator Training

Process-oriented translator training is concerned with:
  1. “Helping students become more cognizant of how they translate through (primarily) retrospective self-reflection on the problems they encounter;
  2. Getting students to successfully apply declarative and procedural knowledge in a targeted manner based on the task at hand” (Angelone, 2013, p. 255); and
  3. [Enhancing students’] “metacognition, or strategic, conscious, and volitional control over complex cognitive tasks” (Shreve 2009, cited in Angelone, 2013, p. 255.)
  • Angelone, E. (2013). The impact of process protocol self-analysis on errors in the translation product. Translation & Interpreting Studies: The Journal of The American Translation & Interpreting Studies Association, 8(2), 253-271. doi:10.1075/tis.8.2.07ang

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