Lesson 1: History of Interpreting in Japan

1.1 Welcome to the Course & Key Terminology Explained

    • Sight Translation / Consecutive Interpreting / Broadcast Interpreting / Whispered Interpreting / Simultaneous Interpreting

    • Shadowing / Interpreter Note-taking

1.2 What happens when language fails?

1.4 Warm-up: Interpreter Memory Game (English)

1.5 Focused Leaning: Core Vocabulary

    • Click on the above link to access the core vocabulary

    • Review each vocabulary item before continuing on to 1.6

1.6 (Video) Focused Learning: Core Vocabulary Quick Response

1.7 Focused Learning: Reading Aloud at Native Speed

1.9 (Video) Focused Learning: Consecutive Interpreting (Memory)

1.10 (Video) Focused Learning: Consecutive Interpreting (Interpreter Note-taking)

1.11 (Video) Focused Learning: Simultaneous Interpreting

1.12 (Video) Reinforce Learning: Explain the following to a friend:

    • The meaning of sight translation, consecutive interpreting, broadcast interpreting, whispered interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting;

    • The meaning of shadowing and interpreter note-taking;

    • What happens when language fails;

    • How often you are going to practice shadowing;

    • How interpreters remember a series of words/events; and

    • History of Interpreting in Japan.